What format will the AUCD for All Gala be this year?

This year’s Gala will be virtual. AUCD is working on making the Gala content highly informative, engaging, and accessible for all attendees.

2. Can you tell me more details about the 2022 AUCD for All Virtual Gala?

    • The Gala will be on April 27th from 7 – 8pm ET.
    • The program will air on the AUCD for All Gala site at http://www.aucd4all.org, the AUCD Facebook page, and AUCD YouTube channel.
    • We will air at the above sites a pre-recorded, captioned program with speeches and remarks from our honorees and other current and future leaders in the disability community.

3. Can I communicate with attendees during the Gala?

Yes, during the Gala, there will be chat boxes on the AUCD Facebook page and YouTube channel for attendees to join in real-time the discussion and celebration.

4. Is the Gala free to attend?

Yes, the gala is free to attend. However, we are asking those wishing to attend to register so we can send details and other updates leading up to the event. Please go to the Support page to learn more. You can also register with a set donation if you wish to support AUCD.

5.  I would like to attend the Gala, but I cannot make the event. Can I still donate?

Yes, and thank you. We welcome donations from non-attendees as well and you can go to the Support page to learn more.

5. Will I receive an email confirmation if I donate?

Yes, you will receive an email confirming that you donated.

6. I want to attend the Gala. Do I have to register for the event?

While it is not required to register to be able to view the event on the 27th, we would like people to register, so we can share Gala-related updates. Go to the Register & Support page to learn more.

7. Can I attend the Gala without registering?

Yes, information on how to access the Gala will be available on the Gala website for everyone. However, we are asking anyone who plans to attend to support AUCD by making a gift. Every $25 donation enters you in a chance to win a $500 Airbnb gift card! Please consider donating today!

8. After registering, will I get an email confirming that I have registered?

Yes, you will receive a confirmation by email.

9. Will that email contain a unique link for the Gala?

No, you will not be receiving an email with a unique link for the event. The event will air for all to see on the Gala website, AUCD Facebook page and AUCD YouTube channel on the evening of the event.

10. Are there Sponsorship Opportunities for the Gala?

Yes, AUCD welcomes sponsorships from individuals, organizations, and corporations. To learn about Gala sponsorship opportunities, go to the Support page. You can also see a current list of Gala Sponsors on the Sponsor page.

11. Can I watch the Gala later?

Yes, the Gala program video will be available on the AUCD for All Gala site for everyone to watch following the Gala.

13. I have another question not covered in this FAQ. How can I get an answer?

Please email info@aucd.org.