AUCD is pleased to honor. 
Drawing of a woman embarrassing a dog while kneeling on leaves. Text Zora: How I Understand

Riva Lehrer is an artist, writer and curator whose work focuses on issues of physical identity and the socially challenged body. She is best known for representations of people with impairments, and those whose sexuality or gender identity have long been stigmatized. Lehrer’s memoir, Golem Girl, will be published in September 2020, by the One World imprint of Penguin Random House. The memoir traces the story of her life as the daughter of a disabled mother. Her life is transformed once she meets the original founders of Disability Culture in America. Read more…

Venus balances on the footplate of Andromeda’s wheelchair, arms spread wide and wheels spinning. Andromeda opens her arms wide to receive her in an embrace. They make eye contact and smile. A starry sky fills the background, and moonlight glints off their rims. Photo: BRITT / Jay Newman

Kinetic Light is a unique disability arts ensemble of disabled artists who create, design, and perform. The work of Kinetic Light speaks to and emerges from disability aesthetics and disability culture and is connected to the rich traditions and exciting contemporary conversations of disabled artists in all artistic fields. Read more about Kinetic Light’s founder Alice Sheppard and other members of the ensemble and work here.