Info about Virtual Gala Social and pre-recorded program

AUCD will only email those that registered for the Gala the link to the Gala Social Hour on Zoom a few days before April 14th.

The Gala Social Hour will air exclusively on Zoom from 7-8pm EST on April 14th.  During this special hour, past and present AUCD leaders along with our affiliated partners, will talk about their favorite AUCD memories, milestones, and accomplishments. The Social Hour will be moderated and will start with brief intros of the speakers followed by guiding questions for speakers to answer. Only speakers will be visible and audible to attendees, who will have their mikes muted. Attendees can ask questions to the panelists by using the “raise your hand function” in Zoom. Attendees can also participate by using the chat box feature to say hello, celebrate and share their AUCD memories with other participants. There will be captioning and ASL interpretation provided during the Social Hour. We plan to record the event and post the video on the Gala website for anyone who couldn’t attend.

At the close of the Virtual Social Hour, we will ask attendees to quickly go to the AUCD4ALL Gala website, AUCD’s Facebook Page, or YouTube Channel to watch the Pre-Recorded Gala program taking place from 8-9pm EST.

To register for Virtual Social Hour and Gala, go here.